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Topic: Strategy

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How Elso Can I Sell My Property?

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
I have tried all the selling methods and online marketing and even field marketing, p2p and b2b etc.

It's been three years now and I haven't been able to sell down my farm. I even contacted some agents to do the marketing on my behalf, lowered down my price and continuously advertise it online.

I already started up a site, fb and more.

Still nothing works.

It's a coconut farm located in the south east asia and it's 8,000sqm the location is pretty good which is just beside the highway. But how else can I convince the buyers to take on my property?

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    A few questions:

    (1) Is your business profitable?
    (2) Are you selling your farm because you can't make money on it? Believe me, many people in Europe can't sell their farms because nobody can make money on them. Nor are there people who have the skills to farm properly. It is a tough call.
    (3) Have you something better to do or will you just live on what you get from the sale?

  • Posted on Author
    There's no existing profits from it as it's only managed by my Father before, it's more coconut trees and if someone would want to have a farm resort then yes it is feasible to put up a business there.

    I am selling my farm to pay up some debts from the bank and use the remaining to put up a small business.

    Most of the clients or buyers who's keen on seeing the place are usually land owners and farmers as well who's into animal farming or veg

    I have my own profession, but you see around the world the recession is still on even though a lot are still pretending it's over. The job market and opportunity in it seems so scarce and i am running out of resources.

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