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Topic: Social Media

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Social Media Trainning For Thought Leaders

Posted by natalie.field on 250 Points
Hi, I am creating a social media training material for thought leaders in a b2b company - industry -utilities global- but couldnt find any high level information to put together..can any one help me find information on "how to train thought leaders on social media" and its benefits.

  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    have you tried a Google search? E.g.:

    Allintitle: social media filetype:pdf

    Make a list of various topics. Spend an hour downloading PDF files for each topic, focusing ideally on articles published within the last two years. Similarly, search for recent discussions, and save them as PDF files (Google chrome can do this). After you have downloaded 100 or more PDF files, sort them by file size (to help eliminate duplicates, and to read the smallest ones first). Set up a separate subdirectory for the very best information you find.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Let me see if I understand this correctly:

    You're creating a social media training material for thought leaders in a b2b company ... and yet, you have no high level information and are looking for details on "how to train thought leaders on social media"?

    What's wrong with this picture?

    If you, as a training material creator, do not have the material you're hoping to become known for creating, how, exactly, do you instill confidence in your audience that you know what you're talking about?

    If you lack the information you want to offer as "thought leader" training, how are you qualified to teach someone to become a thought leader?

    Why are you worth listening to if you lack the information and knowledge you intend to pass on to others? How are you qualified to teach social media thought leadership if you appear to lack an understanding of the process of becoming a thought leader?
  • Posted on Accepted
    bestjobsexperts-social-media.jpgThe top companies fall short in public press is lack of technique. Businesses have to keep in mind to stop looking for "shiny new tools" just because everyone is using them and believes they are the "holy grail" of the world extensive web. It is critical to take enough a chance to understand the correct way to use public press, and apply the technique that is suitable for your company. And, the truth is it should always come last5. Social networking sitesSocial networking is the latest fad among the young and old. Social network sites have become a great platform for people of different walks of like to express their views and ideas and meet people with similar interests. There are hundreds of social networking sites on the internet these which have attracted millions of web browsers.
    in any planning you do for your company. It is also essential to understand that it is not the end-all solution to your company problems, and it should never be used as a alternative technique or as a stand-alone.

    If you want to be successful with this, there are some technique actions you must take before you jump into the world extensive web. So, let's remove away all the buzz and go through the right actions that must be taken to help you determine if public press is appropriate for your company. If you go through the following 10 actions in the transaction I record them, you will obtain clearness, not waste some time to reduce it overcome.

    1. Forums

    Forums are an excellent resource of details. You will discover a number of skills on the topic of your choice, from newbies to experts, and all levels of individuals use boards to share their opinions and knowledge.

    Generally, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when using forums:

    - You may only be using them to try and understand more but they are an excellent way to get your product out there and get some inbound links - that doesn't mean you should junk them with responses or discussions that don't really play a role or are merely for promotion requirements. Start discussions that will attract individuals to response or follow the link in your trademark, when you response, response with something helpful. Ask your own questions. Using boards in this way creates a popularity you and your product, making visitors as well as hyperlinks. If you junk the sites individuals won't provide your efforts a second look and you may even get prohibited.

    - You should read the rules for the boards that you join, that way there is less chance of you being prohibited for something you might not have known you were doing that is wrong.

    - If you do have hyperlinks to your sites in your trademark, try not to record more than 3 otherwise it looks spam. I'm more prepared to only record 1 as it is more "authentic" but most boards suggest no more than 3.

    - The most essential factor to keep in mind is that it's not just about getting the hyperlinks, this is a excellent possibility to discover regular visitors and understand new factors, create it depend.

    2. Social bookmarking

    In public press, you may know it may only benefits some efforts as not everyone who are interested will be at your friend details. For example, in twitter posts you may only twitter to your fan record, to get broader interest, you have to personally add more supporters from twitter posts. This alone can takes up hours to do so. Plus, you have to retweet your twitter posts to be able to obtain more efforts. This same goes to the online community website such as Facebook or myspace, where you have to add more buddies to obtain more efforts from the target viewers.

    As for submitting of public favorites, the best factor is that, you can always re-bookmark your website or an content with different headings and details. By doing so, you will figure out the best headline that can obtain the most interest and guest to your website, which eventually turn all the visitors to revenue. Another benefit of submitting of public favorites is that, you do not have to add buddies or discover supporters to obtain more efforts. This alone allows you to concentrate on improving the details and headline of your favorites.

    3. Blogging

    As public press is becoming more and more booming with users globally, many promoters and companies (like McDonald's) are using Facebook or myspace to increase their potential. By using public press to improve weblog visitors for free, you can preserve up on promotion costs, viralize your visitors for more visitors, getting more visibility, create more buddies, earn more money, be famous and many plenty more.

    On top of that, this is the real purpose why you would want to use public press to improve your website visitors.

    Google is dying! Yes it is true. Social press sites like Facebook or myspace is already capturing up with Search engines in terms of most frequented sites. And in decades or even several weeks to come, Facebook or myspace is going to out-beat Search engines if Search engines did not do anything about it.

    But what this shows is that public press website is getting really popular and it is the most popular items online. After so much of research and collecting data, most of the website owners who do online marketing, are using individuals for their sites and companies. Even McDonald is using individuals (and media) even though you know that they are already very successful.

    4. Article

    The primary concept of your article(s) should not be reliant promptly or become dull in 1, 2 or 3 several weeks - but should serve as main referrals books for many decades down the road for the
    existing and future visitors of your Web sites, weblogs or other relevant weblogs that have connected to your article(s). The longer-term perspective here has to project a powerful effect!

    My use of the phrase "Strike Force" simply represents the "delivery system" for breaking down market jargons or technical language to be able to easily simplify external problems for starter and intermediate
    online market promoters - and also give experienced on the online new viewpoints on industry-related problems.

    So, the linkbait piece will therefore encourage grateful visitors from a targeted market viewers to visit your Web sites and/or weblogs to build up a relationship - leading to revenue of
    front-end and back-end goods and services. This also has the ability of guaranteeing a buzz situation or fast propagate of your unique articles or content in the dunia ngeblog, on the Online and in off-line books. Like Michel Fortin will say "Narrow your concentrate to extend your revenue."

    5. Social social networking sites sites

    Social social networking is the latest fad among the young and old. Social social networking sites have become an excellent foundation for individuals of different walking of like to show their opinions and ideas and meet individuals with similar passions. There are hundreds of online community sites these which have drawn an incredible number of web internet explorer.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Let me see if I understand what you wrote: You don't know anything about what you hope to teach, yet you hope to teach it and make money doing so? What's wrong with that picture, I wonder?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Who are these thought leaders? Where? What are they trying to accomplish?

    Start with your target audience. You can't teach them something they don't need/want to learn. Find out about their needs, and then develop your marketing plan.
  • Posted by natalie.field on Author
    thanks for the sugesstion, there is a difference between creating a social media training materials and one who promotes brand on social media... I promote brands on social media, so I do have a clue, but I am not in to creating guides or training material... I guess you guys got the clear picture now. again thanks once again for wonderful insights.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    There is INDEED a difference between creating social media training materials and promoting
    brands on social media.

    However, your original question mentioned nothing about your brand promotion background,
    only that you were looking for information on "how to train thought leaders on social media".

    How is any contributor to know of your brand background if you do not clarify what you do?

    To become a thought leader one must THINK and then one must TAKE ACTION. The fruit of success grows on trees of one's own hard work, effort, ideas, commitment, and design. To reap
    this fruit, this reward WITHOUT effort requires magic or money. If you have neither, you must plant the seeds and wait for the tree to take root. There is no other real shortcut and for anyone wanting fame to expect it to simply plop into their lap without effort is either foolish or naive.

    The thought to be thought needs to be as follows "What information in this niche do I, as an inhabitant of this niche, find valuable, useful, and educational?" what one person in a niche finds of value will be seen to have value by another person within the same niche. The trick is to find and then distribute information that few others in that niche have come across.

    On January 5 this year I heard of someone who started a Twitter stream that responded to a question asked by a former colleague. The question (asked by someone with a Ph. D in Museum Education) concerned arts-related thought leaders in social media and asked who these people are, and how one got onto their radar.

    This person COULD have answered the question, but chose, instead, to reengineer it because in
    the environment in which they found themselves (an Ivy League college), without a doctorate you
    are an intellectual amoeba.

    Eleven months later the Twitter stream in question is alive, well, and FLOURISHING. The stream is now followed by some of the top art institutions in the world and has over 2,245 direct followers: a figure that increases by roughly 150 souls every 30 days.

    If you are "not into creating guides or training material" how, realistically, do you expect to become a teacher of thought leaders? To teach others, one must surely first have something of one's own to TEACH, otherwise? How do you plan to achieve what you hope to achieve? By "borrowing" form other sources? If you do, I advise you to rewrite EVERYTHING to make it your own. This means work. This means, and sadly, whether you like it or not, investing time into creating guides.

    My best advice to you, and really, to anyone seeking to either become a thought leader, or seeking to show other people how to become thought leaders in social media is to heed the advice of Mahatma Gandhi: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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