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Topic: Strategy

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Sales Question Regarding Fairs

Posted by imre993 on 100 Points

although this is mainly marketing forum, I though I´d still give it a go and ask question about sales strategy. The question is about exporting manufacturing company (in Europe) who took part in Germany´s manufacturing fair. There were 65 potential customers who visited our booth and filled our questionnaires, who want to become wholesalers or distributors. My question to you guys: as the fair is now over how do you approach the 65 interested parties? Phone, send emails with price list, visit them?

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    My first question is why did you not arrange to meet - or schedule something when you spoke together at Hannover?

    That would have been easiest. For myself I would send out a questionnaire - in the post because so few people do that these days (you could back it up online if they would prefer to do it that way, so give a link on the covering letter). That way you can find out how interested they really are and how they would like to proceed.

    You spoke to loads of people there, you should have a good idea of what people were thinking. That will be a good basis to base the questionnaire on and give it some real meaning to your prospects.

    It will act as both sales letter and information gathering instrument.

    Dare I say it? The sort of info. you should have gotten at the time?

  • Posted by imre993 on Author
    Thank you Moriarty. Actually I had such task when I had a job interview. As I passed that one I have second interview coming but I want to performe at my very best. Therefore I would like to know how professionals would solve this task.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    I would start with a "personalized thank you email" and a promise to follow up by phone in a few days. That sets the stage for your call, and starts the perception that you're the type to achieve what you promise. Don't send a price list (since you don't know what their needs are or when). The goal of your call is to interview them for what they need, and then determine if a visit would be best, or a follow-up interview with their team, etc.
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    today, before doing anything else, I would send a personal handwritten note using ancient technology called snail mail to thank people for filling out the questionnaire, and include a business card. Let them know you will be in touch.

    Please do not send another questionnaire. They already took the time to fill out one. Now you have them fill out another one? And then you will have a salesperson call them and will qualify them a third time? Why don't you just throw water in their face?

    After you have sent out thank you cards, you will have a bit of time to analyze your results and plan a strategy to qualify and cultivate and educate your potential partners. I would be more than happy to help (no charge).
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Apols, Telmoxie is right. If you had done a questionnaire - don't do it again! (I am not at my best before drinking two mugs of assam ... )

    There will be info there that you can sensibly use on the cards (or emails) that you do send out.


  • Posted on Accepted
    By phone, definitely - to establish the beginnings of a "relationship" on which you will then continue to build by following-up on a regular basis depending on the feedback you get - and keep a record of - during those phone conversations. You can certainly offer to provide a price list at any point during those phone conversations, but to mail or email one without first building the relationship is unlikely to produce any sales. People do the selling. Price lists are merely some of the tools they can use.
  • Posted by imre993 on Author
    Thank you all. I got few new thoughts that I should be able to capitalize.

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