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Topic: Social Media

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Facebook For Int'l/multilanguage Market

Posted by Al on 250 Points
We're a european startup selling natural skincare, taking babysteps with social media, contemplating the best approach for our int'l (mostly European) market.<br /><br />Which of the following alternatives is best?<br /> <br />-FB homepage in english, FB fanpage per language<br />-FB homepage per language (Eng/Ita/German/Spanish)<br />-FB homepage (with posts in multiple languages. each visible to certain geolocation)<br /><br />Any input is greatly appreciated<br />

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    One Facebook pager per language, with links from, for instance, the English site to the Italian site, and vice versa. Italian buyers are motivated by different things than French buyers, so, message accordingly IN the language of the nation you're marketing to.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Do remember to keep your Facebook audience interested. There is a local company (web-designers) who could offer a service for insomniacs on Facebook but that they knew it.

    So don't be boring. And don't talk about the fact that you washed the cat along with the socks this morning. It needs to be relevant and interesting at the same time. Anything else will leave your readership yawning.

    M xx

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