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Topic: Research/Metrics

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B2b Direct Mail Response Trends

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
How are B2B Direct Mail response rates trending? Recognizing that many factors can impact response to a direct mail campaign, in general within business, are recipients responding at the same rates as they were 5 years ago or have response rates risen/fallen? If rates have changed, what impact, if any, is the Internet having on DM reponse?

  • Posted on Member
    HI Mike,
    I think you can ask et3dotcom and other people at the similar position whether about there response rates. If the drop happened at about the same time then hitting in late 2000 & 2001 could be the problem. If not then there could be other factors. You could even try doing a survey to find out.
  • Posted on Accepted
    I have managed the Demand Generation activities of a few global B2B companies. We had also done some analysis based on our experience and the data we gathered over years to find out the responsivness of lists.

    Since there are more people involved in the decision making in a B2B sale and the sales cycle is longer, we used to take it in stages. Since the products sold were complex in nature, we had done 'Curriculum Marketing'. Brought the potential customers to a single point to educate them on the benefits of the product and then solicitaed response from them for a sales pitch.

    The response rates used to be very high for the first mail out. We have touched as high as 50% - 60% at times! It drops substantially (4%-5% of the 50-60%) once solicitation for a committment comes and drops even further drastically when the sales happens.

    Over a period of time mail fatigue sets in and the response for even the first mailing drops provided we are mailing to the same individual in the organisation.

    Since the industry was IT, anything to do with IT generated good interest 5 years ago. Today the response rates have dipped so much. 20% is a good enough response we get now for the first level mailing.

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