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Topic: Strategy

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Cold Calling Examples?

Posted by Anonymous on 50 Points
Just wondering if anyone has any examples of a cold calling marketing plan?

If not perhaps you might have some strategy's on how to develop one?

Although my specific area is design I would be interested in any business areas where cold calling is deployed.

Thanks as always.

  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    You will need five things:

    - a list (very, very important)
    - an initial or introductory offer
    - follow-up marketing pieces
    - someone to make the calls
    - reasonable objectives

    For specific step-by-step details on how to do this, email me or check out my web site -
  • Posted by Nicolas on Accepted
    I once tried this technique. I took the following steps:

    - First, I made a list of companies according to two basic criteria: sector of activity and geographical location (easy to get the info from an electronic phone book).

    - Then, I created a 5 questions survey (I could actually qualify companies after the 3rd question - by qualifying, I mean that after the 3rd question I knew whether this company could become a prospect or if it should be dropped.). After the qualifying questions, came the sales pitch.

    - During the phone calls, the important part is to record all data related to your questions or industry knowledge.

    Quite frankly, results were not brilliant. I only managed to pull a few prospects out of it but most companies were not interested in our product. However, most companies went through the five questions and sometimes much more.

    Which then provided me with valuable data (quantitative and qualitative), that after analysis allowed me to set in place a marketing plan that proved much more successful. The good thing about it is that I managed to get knowledgeable about this market real quickly by talking to several companies.

    BTW, write down all questions you ask, arguments to counter, sales pitch, etc. Update that document as necessary and use it as a 'conversation' guide with the companies you are calling.

    Hope this helps,

  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    I would absolutely agree with Nicholas that results from telemarketing are often disappointing. You will generally get much higher ROI from other lead generation techniques.

    However, I believe that a sustained telemarketing program can give you a much higher response rate than any other method. Such a program might make sense if you have a high margin offering, and can identify a list of targeted prospects who might send you repeat business over time.
  • Posted on Accepted
    All businesses must cold call. Why do some businesses:

    1. Grow and continue to thrive?
    2. Achieve success and then hit a sales/profit plateau?
    3. Are successful and then watch sales/profit decline?
    4. Go out of business?

    The answer to these questions is that successful businesses continue to look for new customers every day. Only unsuccessful businesses stop prospecting for new business. Cold calling is a necessary component of the sales mix. My question to you is whether you are pursing B2C or B2B as each market requires different strategies to achieve the reach and opportunity you are looking for. However, a cold call approach that will apply in either scenerio is comprised of:

    1. Identifying and defining your target customer.
    2. Identidying and defining how to reach your target customer (direct, e-mail, phone etc.)
    3. Refining and defining your value proposition for your target customer.
    4. Managing an inventory of material that supports your value proposition (references, ROI, etc.)
    5. Making contact with your target customer.
    6. Scheduling follow-up with your target customer.
    7. Closing business or getting a referral from your target customer. (alway seek something of value even if the deal doesn't close)
  • Posted on Accepted
    My answer may not be exactly what you are asking for, but I was in business development in the design industry for a few years so I hope it has value.

    My advice is that any marketing efforts/strategy in the design industry need to be based around networking. You probably already know this, if not, you will soon.

    The horizontal structure of the industry is such that a lot of your cold-calling should not with end clients, but with strategic partners and alliances. It is a referral industry, so you need to get involved in like organizations, take industry people to lunch, join or start a leads group. If you do this you will quickly have your "cold-call" list full, except it will be by referral - the best cold-call of all.

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