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Topic: Strategy

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How To Become A Strategic Planner

Posted by Anonymous on 50 Points
I am currently an account assistant and am interested in the planner part of marketing. I have been an assistant for a little over a year. How do I make the move to become a strategic planner? Are there certain skills I need to learn before I apply?

  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Accepted
    You would need strategic planning skills. I would search here on MarketingProfs for Startegy and Strategic Planning.

    To learn more about the basic tools a strategic planner can use, go visit and look under Strategy. You need to understand SWOT, PEST(EL). Porter Five Forces, Portfolio analysis using BCG and GE Matrices, Anshoff Matrix, and Customer Segmentation at a bare minimum.

    Have you had any formal education in Strategy, Business or Marketing?
  • Posted by wnelson on Accepted
    If I were hiring a Strategic Planner, these are some of the requirements I'd put on the job description:

    1) MBA
    2) Industry specific undergrad degree (if it's in the electronics field, BSEE, if it's in Biomed, BS biology, financial, BS Finance, etc)
    3) Two years min product (or brand) marketing experience with 3 years min in a design or marketing role for a company in one of my target market segments, or five years min in product (or brand marketing
    4) Demonstrated experience with market research and analysis
    5) Demonstrated experience in direct communications with customers
    6) Demonstrated experience communicating with upper level management

    As Sophiapsomi said, a good thing to do would be to ask the strategic planning manager what he looks for. Also, pick a strategic planner you would like to be "when you grow up" - one that you admire the most and/or is most successful in the organization. Talk with him and find what his skills are. Also ask what he thinks his development needs are. With his list, looking at your skills inventory, you can make a plan to acquire the skills - through formal education and experience. Ask your manager for assignments to hone the skills you are developing.

  • Posted by wnelson on Member
    That being the case, either you would have to consider moving to "headquarters" to be a strategic planner or you have to move companies. In any case, I recommend you asking around your branch office as to who the best strategic planner is. Give him a call and let him know your aspirations and that you would like to know more about what he does, what skills are required, and so forth. Give him your background and ask him what he thinks you need to prepare. People rarely mind talking about themselves and also they usually enjoy helping someone with their careers. You can ask them who their manager is and call the manager, too. It doesn't hurt to have a couple of influencial people in strategic planning knowing your name and acting as mentors. Ask the strategic planning manager if there is an assignment you might be able to do at the account level (with the permission of your manager) that might help him.

    Above all, when you have gathered the information, make a plan to gain the skills you need. Run the plan back by the strategic planner contact and the strategic planning manager for comments. And then go do it. As you execute your plan, periodically give the strategic planner and his manager updates on how you are doing versus the plan. Stay connected with them.

    Hope this clarifies for you the approach.


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