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Topic: Strategy

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Penetrating The Us Market

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I am currently looking for ideas on how to create a concept to go global with my company. But let me first bring you up to speed with the details. My company is established in France and we are active in the dental laser equipment market. Our intention is to go to the United States as so far we have no presence in this market. What would be a good concept to target this market and to make our move a success? And what way can we best get a presence in this market? Through distributors? Other channels?

Thanks in advance.

  • Posted by adammjw on Accepted

    This is a $ 5 million question and you offer 125 pts:-)
    For starters let me ask you a couple of questions.What kind of research has your company carried out in the U.S. to check what is this market like over there?What is your competition over there? In what way your dental laser equipment is better for dentists to use than the ones you can find on the Amercian market?Is it more technologically advanced, more patient-friendly or cheaper?
    In sum what bettter dental experience can you offer for both dentists and their patients to make them want your equipment more than others?
    Answering these question will help you toward the goal.

  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    Do you know if your product requires licensing in the US? Any sort of gov't approval at all?

    If you're all set and just looking to get into the market, you can post at (Replocate should pay ME for the number of times I recommend them!)

    There are many rep organizations that are now selling to the dental profession. They have all the contacts you'll need.

  • Posted by mango on Accepted

    I had the opportunity to do what you are trying, in reverese -- to take an American instrumentation company to international markets, including France.

    The first hurdle we had was CE compliance. As pointed out above, you should make sure there are no FDA or other government restrictions on your products for sale in the US.

    Choosing your sales channel depends on the skill level required to sell the product, and who the ultimate customers are. You need to find sales reps who have the skills and are already calling on your targeted customers. Many such companies will look for new products that complement their existing lines, giving them more to offer their customers while maximizing the potential return for every sales call.

    Of course you need to find out who the competitors are. Be prepared for possible brand or country preferences. Here in the US we tend to buy anything made anywhere, so that may not be an issue. But if your product looks like it's made for French customers and you are only offering it here, it may fail. A quality product that meets US needs, which happens to be made in France, will be more readily accepted.

    As pointed out by others, there are many issues. Prepare yourself by doing as much homework as possible.

    Au Revoir

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