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Topic: Strategy

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What Is The Best Wall Color For A Retail Gift Shop

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I own a small shop in the Texas Hill Country. It is one of 15 shops on the River. This area is very artistic and hosts a variety of merchants and artists. We opened two years ago. There is little cooperation among the merchants to work together on a major marketing effort. Therefore, I am on my own. My building site is in a good location. The interior is very rustic. We started out with a variety of gift items and home decor crafted by professionals. Now, we are making our own line of natural edge tables. In addition, we sublease to a wood sculptor that is very well known and has an established high end clientele. We are desparate for marketing ideas, including interior wall color that will stimulate buyers and enhance our appearance. We tried to integrate a "fun" rustic environment, but this has been unsuccessful in attracting "spending" customers. Is this something you can help me with?

  • Posted on Accepted
    I live in Texas and I can envision your type of store! Steve’s idea of more delicate colors is good. Let me ask a few questions:

    How high is the ceiling? How big is your store – do you have “sections” or “rooms in which you can play with color? When you say rustic, how rustic? Is it log cabin rustic or upscale contemporary rustic? Do your items lean toward an Indian influence (terra cotta and turquoise colors)?

    I’ll press on anyway. You mentioned high-end and spending customers, so here are some color palettes that might work and be different:

    So much rustic décor relies on earth tones. Instead of dark browns, burgundies, and forest greens, taupes and other neutrals can really add elegance to the rustic atmosphere. Add a dusky aqua or an icy lavender-blue (tone-on-tone would be very chic -- a darker and pale version!). These colors would enhance the wood tones and be a bit upscale yet relaxing. Depending on how dark the interior is and how many walls and partitions you have to play with, you can experiment. Paint is relatively cheap.

    I would also suggest browsing through some décor books and magazines, too – I found this site ( that features books that are close to your genre that might give you some ideas.

    You didn’t mention what you’re doing currently for outbound marketing, but you said you’re looking for marketing ideas. What is the draw in your town? Are there events, artist conferences, or other calendar draws? Is the Chamber active? Tell us more.
  • Posted by ReadCopy on Accepted
    There are a number of sensory branding options you can look at, colour is obviously one of them, but also take some time to look at sound and smell too!
  • Posted by ReadCopy on Member
    Just thought it was best to have a look at colours and moods:

    RED: heat, passion, danger, urgency, optimism
    ORANGE: playful, joyful, warm, vibrant, reassuring
    GREEN: nature, health, growth, balance, peaceful
    BLUE: truth, dignity, power, trust
    YELLOW: warmth, sunshine, cheer, energy, happiness
    TURQUOISE: invigorating, cooling, calming
    PURPLE: wealth, royalty, sophistication, intellectual, spirituality
    BROWN: safe, stable, practical
  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Accepted
    hi careybrown

    there is no best wall color, in factthe best color depends on the interior decor of the shop. it would have been best if we could see the pics of your shop interior.

    anyway, i was just thinking, if you could color the walls on the color of the river located nearby, as you mentioned. the color could be light aqua or algie-blue. you could also use light orange to complement the rustic looks and also to denote the sunlight, warmth,vibrant.

    hope that helps.

  • Posted by cread on Accepted
    You may want to consider wall coverings instead of just color.

    This is Texas! Steer hides can come any color you want and or interesting patterns. Leather and wood always work well together.

    Some antique wood working (or replicas) tools along with area appropriate agricultural tools hung in an interesting display.

    Blown up photos of antique wood objects (Furniture, Tools, Buildings, Famous Carvings). Black and white as opposed to color will increase the feeling of age.

    A pictorial Tutorial of the wood carving, or the tables manufacturing, or your other artists producing their product. Information along with decore. Peolple will buy things they understand and can take ownership in their production over the unknown.

    If your clientele is mainly out of State they will want a BIG "Texas" experience. Take advantage of that.

    If they are mostly Texans teach them things they don't know about Texas and they will love you.

    Good Luck!

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