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How To Celebrate Birthdays Of The Employees

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Hi everyone! My name is Kathy and I was wondering how can I celebrate birhdays of our employees? We have 35 employees now. Last year we have only 15 employees and everyone give small amount of money and we used to buy presents. But now there are a lot of us and I do not know how to marked the birhtdays and make everyone feeling special and happy. My general manager does not want to give a money from company`s account and I just can not ask from the employees to give their money because they would have to give almost every month,sometimes twice a month some amount of money.
Please,help me. Thank you in advance!

  • Posted by Theresa H. on Accepted
    What we do is celebrate once a month, all the birthdays in that month. We ask everyone to bring in a food item, depending on whether we are having a morning or afternoon celebration. Someone either makes or buys a small cake and we all sing to the birthday people for that month.

    It gives everyone a chance to contribute, take a break, socialize, and not feel as though money is bleeding from their pockets each time there is a birthday.

  • Posted on Accepted

    You may find this hard to believe, but some people would rather NOT have their birthday celebrated at work.

    Why not have a monthly, all hands, meeting near the end of the day where everyone just gets together to chat. No formal business presentations or IMPORTANT announcements, just a chance to relax and allow people to get to know each other. As part of this have a birthday cake for all the people with birthdays that month.

    This will help morale, allow you to acknowledge everyone's birthday and not cost much. I'm thinking the GM could handle buying a sheet cake once a month.
  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Accepted
    Interesting question! Having worked in two MNCs, I can share my experience, along with some more ideas:

    (a) In my first company, since the Company was big, the organization-wide initiative was that the name was posted on the intranet site, with special wishes from the other employees and the senior management.
    At the Project Level (around 50-odd), we had a committee that looked into the finances of the Recreational activities, and they had given us the same feedback that you have posted - lack of funds from the Company, and inability to get funds from the team members on a regular basis.
    Solution - Monthly (and sometimes, Quarterly)celebrations with cakes for each member, special wishes from team members (we had different boxes to leave messages for each of them - which were read out to them during the party), and special message boards in the hall dedicated to them, kept for a week before the birthday, with messages written on them from the fraternity. This soft board/chart paper was then presented to the employee on his birthday. It definitely entailed a special wish and the employee feeling special that day, since the collective effort didnt cost much, and the messages were personal for each of them.

    (b) In the second case, there was a special celebration. The cubical was decorated at night, before the birthday, with balloons and ribbons, a small flower-vase, full of roses, was kept next to his PC, and in the evening, a small cake was presented to him/her. After that, a small snacks party was sponsored by the birthday baby himself :). Also, apart from this, wishes were posted on the home page of the Intranet site. The main notice board kept at the reception and next to the canteen, specially mentioned wishes for him. Made the person feel really special, since this was the first thing that any employee saw when he entered the premises.

    Apart from these initiatives, on a low-cost margin, you could also think on doing some of the following
    - Give a big Birthday card, with everyone's signatures on it, not a normal one
    - Get a T-shirt designed for the employee, with every member's/interested employees' wishes and signatures at the back. It doesnt cost much, especially when it is on a reular basis.
    - The Smile Matters. Make sure you put something next to his workplace, that makes him smile throughout the day - a nice quote/a nice smiley/ a nice desktop - this is person specific - a small token for the employee just to make his day special!

    Dont get into expensie gifts, since they are high-cost low-impact items, especially at the workplace.
    That's my experience and perception.

    Hope this helps!

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