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Hi to everyone. My partner and i are business starter of a Web Designing and IT Consultancy services in the Philippines. Our hardworking attitude, skills and dedication to the chosen career are our best investments. What we find unique to our service is that we offer a creative and animated web designs to the market, which is rarely applied in our country because of its cost and fewer people are aware of such quality informative web sites. Like in western and european nations, we are using Macromedia Flash as our web tool.

What do you think is the best way to promote our services and be patronized by clients. We want to create a demand for a high quality Informative Websites in Flash and promote this technology. We planned to promote Quality over Quantity approach but we find it hard when everybody seems to do cost-cutting.

Hope you can help me with my problem. :D
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  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Accepted
    Reality Check.

    So the customer says " I need something made with Flash?"

    I doubt it. What does the customer want? A website that gets high Search Engine ranking that sells its socks off, maybe?

    Stop selling the technology. Start selling benefits.
    Never mind how it was built - focus on why it's better!

    Next: Who's the target customer?
    Don't tell me "Anyone who wants a website". It might be true, but how do you find a market so vaguely described?

    Then you can more easily figure out how to commence a conversation with them.

    Where's your website?
    How do you use it to communicate the benefits of what you produce?

    Hope this gives some food for thought.


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    Wow! I thank all those who contributed and took time to read my concerns. It's really really a big help on our part. Thanks at -- now, i got an idea on how to improve our small business.
    My warmest regards to all.


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