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Marketing An Incredible Web Idea To Ad Agencies

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I have an idea for an interactive website that I believe will revolutionize advertising as we know it. I am in the process of obtaining a provisional business method patent for it. Once I figure out the technical end of it with my IT guy and get it off the ground, what is the best way to present it and market it to ad execs? Traditional marketing strategies? I was thinking of hiring a P.R. firm - I don't know. This idea is juicy - once the ball gets rolling, everybody is going to want in on it. I can't go into details yet, but how do I generate interest among ad agencies and other business professionals?
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  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Member
    If it's all you say, why wouldn't you use your new technology or methodology to sell itself first?

    I mean, if it really is revolutionary and produces revolutionary results, what better way to show it works than to use it as the sole promotional vehicle to sell itself?

    Advertising agencies will get to hear about it and will come to you to use it if it is as good as your question suggests.

    But don't do anything until you have locked up the IP properly with a patent or some other protection.

  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    As usual, ChrisB is right. The danger comes when you have to use another method to sell your product.

    On the off chance that it's something they'd use internally (new software etc) then a great ad in ADweek should do it.

  • Posted on Author
    I should add that the success of the website is contingent on the participation of the ad agencies. But once the ball gets rolling, they will be lining up to get a piece of the action. I'm just trying to get the ball rolling. I feel like I have the world's biggest and most extraordinary fireworks display ready to be launched...but I can't find a match.
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    Michael - thanks, the AdWeek idea is great. I can't wait to let you guys in on my site. I want your input when it is running. Thanks guys.

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