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Most Accurate And Productive Method Of Monitoring

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I was wondering if anyone could advice me on the best way of monitoring marketing campaigns. I am sending out direct mail and email marketing, I would like to know which method is the most accurate in order to track down what has worked and what hasnt. How do you guys normally monitor your marketing campaigns?
Thanking you in advance
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  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    Mos campaigns have a call-to-action. The right campaign would include the right cta and that's how it's measured. Could be a different 800# or savings code. Something traceable to the campaign.

  • Posted by nmuqbel on Accepted
    I agree with Michael,

    When sending out direct mail you should include an 800 # that's is dedicated to answering any inquiries regarding that specific direct mail campaign. The same goes for the e-mail marketing. the number of responses should give youa clear indication of the effectiveness of your campaign.

    Best of Luck,
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    thank you guys

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