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New Restaurant Menu

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Our company is releasing a new menu style. Essentially the same products with a few higher end products and minor price increases. The style of the menu and restaurant decor is becoming slightly more upscale and we need some ideas, both in-store and in the community to help promote this new menu affordably.
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    One of the most economical things you can do is to e-mail your existing members announcing the new menu. Make it a big deal and let them know why you are making the changes. Then ask them to come in and try it. If you’re willing to provide some incentive, even better. Something like a free desert or appetizer may work. We have a client who sent an announcement, followed up with a survey. Each time the customer completed the survey, they were given a $10.00 certificate good on the next visit. This kept the people coming back and they saw a significant increase in sales even after the $10 was netted out. Of course, this assumes you have some sort of e-mail list of your customers.

    If you don’t have an e-mail list, then try to communicate to the local press. Try to get them in to taste the food and then to write a little piece about the new menu. If you have the ability, write a piece yourself and send it to the editors of the local papers. One of them may turn it into a story and give you some free advertising. Also, if you have any schools nearby, talk with them and make sure they know about you and your new menu. Take them a sample tray. Do the same with local realtors, radio stations, funeral homes, and churches. There are many ways to get the news spread at a very low cost to you and the restaurant.

    If you can afford it, send a mailer to your trading area. Try to buy a targeted list and include an offer, which minimizes the risk to someone, who has not tried your restaurant before. If you want to talk about ideas in more detail, please contact me directly. You can find my contact information by clicking on my name above.

    Make it a great Holiday Season!

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