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Magazine Marketing- Subscribtion Sales

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
We have a great Regional Magazine, (Life,food,Ect), Content, Advertising Rev & demand good. However we need more circulation to support the above. We are thinking of selling Subscriptions direct to Banks, Real Estate, Financial Planners ECt as gifts for clients.
Whats your take & should price be above or below our regular mail sub. price.
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  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    Definitely want to go with below retail. You'll also want to consider a different cover that leaves space for a lable that says "This issue a gift from: "

  • Posted on Accepted
    Your price should be below retail. People need to think they are getting some kind of deal.

    Many magazines during the holidays have promos on if you buy a subscription for yourself you can give a gift subcription for a friend for a reduced amount.

    I might also suggest contacting a non-profit group in your area and see if they would sell magazine subscriptions for you and you would give them X amount for every subscription sold. School groups are famous for selling subscriptions door to door or in front of Walmarts.

    If you have local advertisers, you could also solicit items as prizes for the person that sells the most subscriptions.

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