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Please Help With A Mktg Strategy Audit

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I am looking to audit my companys current marketing strategy (which is actaually more tactical in nature)and build a global brand and marketing strategy based on the audit. Any pointers to a template/articles/a to do list
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    1. Environment and Competitive updated Information (who are my competitors, their products and services, prizes, channels, strengths, weakness, advertising, positioning), (what are the main changes in the Industry, opportunities, difficulties, policies, new competitors, economy development, new markets opportunities,..).

    2. Internal updated Information (strategies, plans, objectives, results, products, services, strengths, weakness, holders perception, managers perception, people perception, core business, ..).

    3. Customer Information (researches, statistics, feelings, segments,..)

    4. Mix Internal and External Information and locate your Company in the field (where are you located?, differences, value, positioning, opportunities, ways to go and places to succeed,..).

    5. Define Main Objectives and Strategies to achieve them. (how are you going to play the game and to win). Develop your present business, increase the relation with your present customers, develop new markets if it is necessary (your actual market is low).

    6. Develop the Marketing Mix (Product, Prize, Publicity, Promotion, Channels, Public Relations, Customer Loyalty, Retention, Referrals,..) and the respective Budget and Goals to achieve.

    7. Involve the whole Organization around the Marketing Plan, Communicate, Communicate and Communicate. Sell, Sell and Sell. You will need the support of everybody.


    Juan Carlos
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    I have a marketing audit 4-page checklist on my website at

    Hope you find it useful

    Pat Divilly
    MarketWare International

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