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Posted by Anonymous on 30 Points
Me and my wife were members of one of the MLM which was base in Malaysia dealing with Herbal Products and everytime I do the presentation we are facing some problem they are just telling us that all of them are the same, I was one of the user's and I was satisfied for the results it helps me a lot,I cannot mentioned that this is a good medicine, we categorized this one as food supplement, is there any guidelines how to present like this type of product that will have good convencing power to the Public
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  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Accepted
    If a magic answer to to this queston exisisted, it could sell for millions!

    Herbal Products/Supplements have been trying to convince people for ages. Once upon a time, they were the ONLY remedies known to man, but now, modern science and corporate marketing have taken over.

    The best way to give consumer testimony. You may even combine it with a discount or free gift to try it. The public's perception of herbal rememdies is "hocus-pocus" and not well received. This is not to say there are not many many users, stores, MLMs, etc, but the population to consumer ratio is very small.

    I see herbal stores go out of busines as fast as they go up. Asa matter of fact, my father in law is a member of a popular herbal remedy MLM and is CONSTANTLY trying to sell me on their products. The simple fact is- they claim to do too much for too little. Additionally, if they were so effective as to treat over 30 different ailments with one drop (as one product claims) I would expect some kind of publicity to support the sales of such an amazing product! So why does it sit in the shadows of a box in the closet of a MLMer trying to convince people it works instead? The answer seems almost too transparent to mention.

    I have a strong Chemistry background. Most people don't know a chemical is a chemical. No matter if it was made in a lab, or in a plant (herb, legumes, grasses, etc). Now the FILLERS used to suspend the chemical may differ and the concentration of the chemical may differ, but quite simply, a chemical is a chemical no matter what. Ephedrine/pseudoephedrine are some popular controversies. It doesn't matter if they are made in a lab, or extracted from ginko (or something similar), the chemical still has to follow the aws of chemistry, physics, and nature. Specifically with regards to bonding, structure, stability, and elemental make-up. The later being perhaps the most important. A chemical is made up of elements, the basic structures of all life. NOw elements can be broken down even further, but for all intents and purposes, there is only ONE type of oxygen, nitrogren, carbon, etc. Therefore, chemicals are the same regardless of their source.

    Just to footnote what I just said: Oxygen and carbon have many FORMS and ISOMERS, but only one true, standard, basic elemental structure.

    I hope this helps. You may have to get some support from the MLM company. Usually, MLMs have "mentors" and coaches along with promotional matertial/info for their products.

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