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Topic: Strategy

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Wal-mart Marketing Strategy Through Time

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I'm doing an MBA at the Paris Graduate School of Management and in our class Marketing Strategy we are to do a presentation about the marketing strategy of a company. We have chosen Wal-Mart as our subject.

I've been looking around for what kind of marketing strategy Wal-Mart has driven through time but havent really been able to find the good information on it. Anybody have any good links to give me or other knowledge?

I appreciate it and thanks in advance!


  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    Gidday Thomas - Wal Mart's position starts at two ends of the spectrum - make as many things as widely available to as many people as possible with small margins. So big turn over nets big profits but ots of sales need to be made to get that profit.

    Next, because you have so many customers, SQUEEZE the life out of your suppliers - get them to give you even cheaper wholesale rates and advertising support - make them carry the cost of distribution and warehousing, force them to meet your IT needs. This reduces your own costs whilst forcing your suppliers to carry the can - the end result - greater margins for you.

    Next, deny access to new suppliers who don't give you an even better wholesale rate. But keep them interested enough so that when one of your current suppliers goes out of business because you have milked them dry and they go bankrupt, you'll have a new supplier ready to step into the grave.

    Its not a very wholesome way of doing business, essentially being more parasitical than participative but it works.
  • Posted by Vinomba.kumar on Member
    They given all product in low cost price. but how they get profit ?

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