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Utilizing A Customer At An Upcoming Trade Show

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We're a software company and we're going to exhibit at an upcoming niche trade show that is a great fit for the companies we serve. One of our customers, a leader in the industry, is also exhibiting at the show. We've suggested some co-marketing at the event and they are receptive. I'm considering showcasing our customer's products at our booth (they are small pouches such as coffee pouches etc) and also prominantly displaying them as our customer on signage at the booth. Has anyone got any other ideas? We can't ask them to sit at the booth as they have to man their own...but we would like to get maximum mileage out of this opportunity! Thank yoiu in advance for any suggestions!
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  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Accepted
    I think the current arrangement is great! You may also want to ask them to put some of your materials at their booth and proudly serve as LIVE testamonies to your service! They can refer people to you, you can tell folks they are your client and "HEy, their boot is right over there, why don't you go ask them what they think about us!"

    My main, point: Make sure it is reciprocal. You may have to discount their current agreement or some other incentive if they are resistant, but having a live, well known client in the same building can work wonders. Make sure they are willing to do this for you. Consider it a link exchange or sorts.

    Again, you may want to reward them for their testimonies if they act resistant.

    Good Luck!
  • Posted by Pepper Blue on Member
    Hi Ginap,

    Great suggestions above. I'll add that it is important to make sure to try to have your co-marketing live on after the show.

    Develop a followup newsletter, either electronic or traditional that has information contributed by both you and your partners(s).

    Capture booth visitor information and make sure that you let them know that they can expect a follow up from both of your companies, effectively giving both of you permission to continue communications with them in the future.

    Try to make sure this all takes place at your partners booth also.

    Good luck!

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