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A/b Testing Statistics

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We are doing a direct mail campaign using an affinity partner. I would like to isolate factures that affect the performance of our marketing effort. Which statistics are used to analyse A/B test data?

Thank you for your help.

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  • Posted by ReadCopy on Accepted
    Good answer from Win, I would just drill a little deeper and suggest that you actually need to test the following as they greatly affect your response rate:

    creatives (including strategy, format and copy)
    list selection

    Test the items one at a time to find out what works and what doesn''t (cause and effect).

    I usually test between 5-10% of my overall list.
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    Hey, great use of jargon, Wes... But I think Andrew is closer to getting to the truth. Psychology plays a huge part in direct mail success. I attended a meeting of the Natl Direct Mktg Assn one year in which an "expert" from Washington DC conducted a test of the attendees: she showed us five DM campaigns from major marketers like American Express, Mastercard, etc. and asked us to guess which campaigns generated the most sales. SALES, not the most opened envelopes, or calls made or faxes returned. Sales generated.

    Not one person in the meeting--all of them lifelong DM professionals--guessed correctly for all. And only one person got even 3 out of the 5 correct. There''s more emotion determining this game than millions of tests of your paper type will ever reveal.

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