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Changing Distribution Channel

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What are the factors I should take into consideration if i am weighing an option of changing my distribution channel?
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  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    Changing from what to what? From direct to retail or dealers?

    It would help to know a little more about your situation.
  • Posted on Member
    Key factors you should take into account:
    #1 = Buying behaviour - how do customers buy the kind of offerings you are hoping to sell?
    #2 = transaction complexity - from the customer's perspective how well do they understand the offering and how much help do they require?
    #3 = Market Maturity - channel strategy should evolve as people become more familiar with the type of offering
    #4 = reach - what channel will give you the each to make your numbers
    #5 = profitability - will both you and your channel make money out of it?
    #6 = channel ready - how simple is it for the channel to take your offering on board and support it?

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