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Mission Statement

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A mission statement should be concise. What information would you include in a mission statement?

Do you have any examples of effective mission statements?


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    You'll find a number of differing opinions regarding mission statements. However, there are few basic elements that a good mission statement offers:

    1. It identifies your organization
    2. It identifies your customers
    3. It tells the world what you do

    IMO, a good mission statement is short, understandable, and appropriate both at the bottom of a press release and in an elevator -- when you have two seconds to impress that dream client, partner, or constituent.

    Example (I'm making this up):

    SurfRight is the largest retailer of surf boards in California. We offer the best boards for the young and the young at heart.

    There are a ton of good articles on the Web and on this site regarding positioning, unique selling proposition, and mission statements.

    Good luck
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    A mission statement helps everyone in an organization stay focused and centered on what your compay is trying to accomplish.

    Agreeing with the two previous answers, it works best when it is communicated to everyone easily and often, like destination information on a highway sign.


    As you know, communicating your mission is important to your success because, people are most effective when they know where they are going and get constant reminders that they are still on track.

    Our mission statement is: The Central California Business Center of the Principal Financial Group is committed to helping businesses; their owners and employees achieve financial security. We do this by utilizing our team of specialists to focus on the needs of our clients, recommend appropriate solutions and implement plans, products and services.

    We like our statement because whether I'm a prospective client or an associate, this mission statement tells me who we are, who our clients are, what we do, and what our company goal is -- our client's financial security.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
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    Everyone is absolutely right in what they said, especially b (nice definition).

    Just to take you onto your next step, here is an additional definition for you:

    MISSION: Corporate values and how your organisation will behave
    VISION: What your organisation will become

    Most businesses need both of these for clarity. It doesn’t actually matter what you call these, as long as they are in place and get the job done.

    Final point: These are long term (5-10 years) and are not to be changed often.

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