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Fun In-class Learning Activities For Marketing

Posted by Anonymous on 50 Points
Hi - I'm teaching marketing and business next semester and looking for new, fun activities to do in class.

Anyone have any suggestions?


  • Posted by Juliet on Accepted
    Hello Carole

    There are many books on this subject full of ice breakers. Likewise if you have the time, having a look at websites such as have heaps of activities. Anyhow to get you going here's some activities to get the ball rolling:

    1) To find out what your participants want from your seminars it can be useful to do the following activity at the start: Give each participant a sheet of paper with 4 questions to be answered in 5 minutes:
    - What made you come here to do this course?
    - What do you want from this class?
    - What are your concerns about attending this class?
    - Where would you rather be? (this can lighten the proceedings and gives the participants "permission" to relax)
    The result of this activity can be put on a flipchart and referred to as and when needed throughout the rest of your course. It also means you are responding to the participants' needs and can tailor your activities to suit.

    2) 2 truths and a lie - This works well with groups which are strangers or who know each other. Everyone writes down 2 truths and a lie about themselves on paper. Then they have to walk around talking to the other participants who have to guess which is which.

    3) To recap from a previous class, I would undertake a "Paper Planes" activity. You get everyone to write a couple of questions on a sheet of paper relating to the previous seminar. Then each person makes their paper into a paper plane (or screws it up into a paper ball). You divide the class into 2 teams on opposite sides of the room and encourage everyone to chuck their planes about. After a short while, everyone must pick up a plane closest to them and and read aloud and answer the questions. If you have lots of people, then folk should pair up and decide which is the best question to answer from their selection.

    As part of the review of each class try:
    1) Charades

    2) Photo Snatch. This is where you stick lots of relevant photos (or copies of your powerpoint slides, or relevant posters) all around the room. Give the participants roughly five minutes to walk around and have a look and play lively music whilst this is happening. When the music stops, each person must snatch a photo and return to their seat. They then have to summarise the information and explain why they chose it. Again if you have a large group, this activity can be done in pairs. It 's great for seeing how people have interpreted what you have covered during a class.

    If you like role play activities then here's a link to some options I posted up not long ago:

    You could adapt one of these to suit your class.

    The possibilities are endless! E-mail me if you get stuck for something and need other ideas!

    Good luck and best wishes,
  • Posted on Accepted
    Any of the questions posed in this forum can be used as good ice breakers. I look at the questions here as relaxing little puzzles - like doing Sudoku - but I have no left brain, so this is much more appealing! Why not present one of the closed questions to the class and award points or something to the person who gets closest to the previously chosen response - or see if someone can do better?

    Hope this helps.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Why not adopt a local not-for-profit (or a couple depending on your class size) and make their mission your class mission for the semester. Work with them to help them meet their goals. More than likely they can't afford to hire marketeers - and your students get real life experience.

    In our very small community I can think of at least a dozen organizations that would savor the opportunity to have a group working with them to get their word out.

    PS. I love the ice breaker ideas Juliet!

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