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Marketing A University Residence/hotel - Hitting A Wall

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Hi there,

I am currently creating a Marketing Plan for a newly acquired project. It is for a University Residence that is also a hotel for the summer and one floor is a Hotel all year.

The bulk of the rooms are ideal for conference and group tour and it is not your conventional Hotel. My company has come in at a strange time because the Budget for this year has already been set and... drum roll please.... my entire budget allowances is... $9000.00... which is assigned to print only (nope I didn't miss a zero). Essentially I am looking at a 1200 room Hotel for 4 months of the year and a 20 room hotel for the rest of the year.

However, I have been able to make some head way and we have secured monies for development of a brochure and website. The company that was brought in before us marketed the University under their brand and umbrella. Hence everything looked the same throughout their portfolio's.. the only difference is the name of the Residences and the awful coloured marble associated with each property (green for property A, blue for property B, etc.). The brand we are creating will stay with the University regardless of whether we are still there in 5 years. In my plan I a asking for about 35K in marketing dollars for trade shows, advertising, events, kit folders, Internal marketing, etc etc.

My marketing Strategy is a pyramid designed (starting from the bottom) based on efforts and time. Relationship Marketing, Internal Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Targeted Advertising.
The reason fthe relationship Marketing is most heavily weighted is that we need to have strong relationships with the group tour business operators. That is where my true market is. Secondly, our people are the faces of our product and there is a lot of work to do in building a true environment and culture with the staff.

The product elements are heavily weight at 40% each for Environment and Service, while the Goods are 20% ( a bed is a bed is a bed... that is not what makes people want to stay with us). We are at a prime downtown location, have lots of capacity, are cheaper than a conventional hotel, to name a few points.

My communication Mix Strategy is 60% - Sales and Promotion, 20% - Public Relations and Publicity, 15% - Advertising, 5% - Merchandising.

So that is the 2 minute version of the strategy.

My question is this... I actually have never marketed a Hotel. I am flying by the seat of my pants and I have kinda hit a wall in my progress of my Action Plan portion of my Marketing Plan where I itemize our monthly efforts. I am looking for ideas that would be creative, innovated, cheap and make an impact for the Hotel/Group Tour Industry. Does anything come top of mind for anyone? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks for the read. I am running out of time.... and have to finish my main draft by Friday to formally present Tuesday.

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  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Member
    Tanya, you should win a KHE medal for providing ample detail in your question! Nice work.

    What university? Where is it located?

    I can't offer much help myself, but brace yourself for an onslaught from the Experts here...


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