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Marketing For A Sports Agent

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Hey there fellas....Hope the weekend is treating you'll good..Its rain rain and more rain down here in singapore for the last few days.haz..anyways,i need your advice in something..

i have been working as a marketing consultant for quite some time and i have had great success helping many service oriented industries in the past like security,event management,education,the restaurant business and the likes.

yesterday,one of my clients just referred me his friend who wanted to know more what i can offer and gave me his namecard and asked me to send him a proposal.

the thing is,its in an industry that i have never ventured in or familiar with.This potential client is a Sports Agent.For many of my previous clients,i have brought in the use of Direct Mail,Online Marketing,Joint Ventures,Trade Shows and the likes to double and even triple their profits in a very short period of time,but for a sports agent i got no idea.

Any help would be appreciated fellas..thanks again..
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    You can't make a proposal until you know what they need. Find out more about what they do, what problems they have, what their goals are, their budget, and what marketing they've been doing to date. That should start to give you some insight about a proposal.
  • Posted by melissa.paulik on Accepted
    Even if the professional client is a sports agent, one thing you might want to do to improve your chances is to not assume that you are speaking to a man when you communicate electronically. One of the cool things about marketing is that it's not a profession where either gender is assumed superior. I've met as many female CMOs as male.

    I suppose "fellas" could be an ambiguous term in Singapore the same way "guys" has become ambiguous in parts of the US. However, I've worked with a few colleagues from Singapore and never once did they call me "fella." Of course, I was their boss so maybe that's why.

    All the best!

  • Posted by Frank Hurtte on Accepted
    I suggest a return to basics.
    1) How do we make money?
    2) Who are the best prospects for making money?
    3) what do these people value?
    4) where do they "live"?
    5) how can we best get our message to them?
    6) once they come to us how do we convert them to customers?

  • Posted by matthewmnex on Accepted
    I agree with all of the above.


    Just sit down with the prospect and ask him what he needs.

    if you can figure out some exciting new ways to promote his business and bring him more clients then great.

    if not, then you have to be honest with him and say, I'm sorry but this is not my particular field of expertise and refer him to someone else who knows the market better.

    To be a marketing professional, you first need to know the market :))

    if you tell him no, then in the end you will win much much more respect and I promise you he will refer more clients to you. if you say yes and screw it up, then your reputation is shot :))

    Good luck


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