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How To Market To Sales And Marketing Execs?

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The economic buyers of the software my company sells are senior sales and marketing executives at firms with $20M+ in revenue. We are only selling in North America at the moment. The software is a sales acceleration software that delivers just-in-time answers to questions sales reps encounter when moving sales forward. Has anyone done a successful lead generation campaign to senior sales execs? Any words of wisdom?
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  • Posted by Jim Sterne on Accepted
    The secretary rolled her eyes as she ushered the young salesman into the office of the VP of Sales.

    Holding his hat in his hand (now you know how *old* this story is), the young man stammered, "I, uh, don't suppose you'd want to buy any life insurance today, would you?" There was a pause as the VP put down his pen, stood behind his desk and gestured the sales rep in.

    "Come here a minute. Have a seat. That was the worst pitch and the worst delivery I have ever heard. Now I can tell that you're new at your job so I'm going to give you a little advice.

    "You need to be confident, young man! You need to have faith in your product and be assured that it will benefit the people you're selling to. You've got to have trust that you can make it. Confidence is the key! Do you understand?"

    "Uhm, yes sir. I think so..."

    "Well I can't give you a complete sales course in five minutes, but I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll buy a $50,000 term policy from you right now, just so you can get your first commission and don't feel like sales is a bad job. How'd that be?"

    After the paperwork was signed, the VP showed the young man to the door and said, "Now promise me, son, that you'll never, and I mean NEVER use that sorry line again about not wanting to buy anything. Is it a promise?"

    "Well, sir," the youngster said, shaking his customer's hand, "I would make you that promise, if I could. It's just that it *always* works on VPs of Sales."
  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Accepted
    Yes, I have and still am in the middle of a campaign to marketing and sales directors.

    As a matter of fact, my approach had led to 2 contracts within a week of contact.

    What do I do? First, I go directly after the CEO by sending an email to the SALES department summarizing my proposal with a header of "PLEASE FORWARD TO PRESIDENT/CEO. THANK YOU!".
    Having problems getting a response from the CEO? Of course, he/she either fielded the email back to the SALES/MARKETING DEPARTMENT or they caught it before it ever got that far.'re in the door.

    How you devise/author your proposal is up to you, but would agree with the "No Hype", can't B.S. a B.S.'er! Focus on what their fears and or bottom line which tend to be SALES and PERFORMANCE! Sounds like your product hits both topics.

    One problem I learned about very quickly was the "too many chefs in the kitchen" dillema. Usually, they, being top level marketing people, want to "help" (or CONTROL) your application of services....leading to a butting of heads sometimes. I'd advise you to NOT engage with an agrument unless it is a civil debate about product/service expansion etc. It's tempting to say, "Hey, I'm not one of your employees so stop telling me how to do my job!!!", but you can't. Just maintain profrossionalism, and respectfully stand your ground.

    I firmly believe if you take my approach you will get into direct contact with the people you need to talk to. I know...they are my clients now!

    Good Luck and email me if you need anymore insight or creative ideas!

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