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How To Get Serious Prospects?

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How to create SHORTEST possible distance between ACTIONS and RESULTS without wasting valuable time on Tyre-kickers ???
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    The way to get more serious, qualified prospects is to fish for leads where the fish are biting.

    It's not just what you say that gets better leads, it's where you say it, how you say it, how often you say it, and how solid and consistent your total marketing plan is. (A weak fundamental value proposition isn't likely to generate serious prospects, regardless of how juicy the bait is.)

    Everyone wants a high click-through rate (or high advertising awareness) and a high conversion rate (prospects to sales). What else is new? What you really want is more customers, and that begins with having a great product/service that really addresses an important consumer need.

    The "quick fix" isn't going to work. Narrow your focus and just talk to the people who really will benefit from your product/service. The goal should be 100% closing among a very small target, not 1% of a very large (and expensive to reach) target. The latter is OK for mass market products, but not for specialty/niche products.

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