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How To Get Increased Physician Attendance At Cmes

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am expected to run 8 CMEs in 2005, offering the same topic as last year, and inviting from the same basic group of 200 doctors. I need suggestions on how to increase physician attendance, keeping in my the strict ethical codes that must be adhered to. Thank You.
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  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Member
    Initially, I was going to ask the topic, but it really doesn't matter.

    The primary motivator for physician attendance/attention is FOOD!!!

    Secondary is NEW and VITAL Discoveries.

    Offer a nice meal...hold it in a sectioned room at a very nice steakhouse or have fine food catered in to the hotel conference room, etc.

    Believe me, it works. I worked with specialists for over 12 years and they could care less about value propositions, fancy brochures, free pens, etc. They WILL respond to a 5 Star steak dinner (spouse included).

    Guest speakers are another way to go as well. Somone of national reputation. They may be cheaper than the food. Compare the costs, and select the one that fits your budget. If you can afford will be standing room only!!!

    Good Luck!

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