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Topic: Strategy

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Valentine Flowers

Posted by jeepzia on 500 Points
I'm looking for a FRESH, strong social media/ e-marketing (possible print) strategy for local florist on Valentine's Day.
We can't compete on keywords, even locally. The big box florists just blow us out of the water.
I can catch our FB/ Twitter and email list folks - but I'm looking for the others.
Where are you buying flowers this year and why?
Thanks in advance.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Since it's for a local florist, why not start by focusing on local marketing? Craigslist. Yelp. Google Places. Local charity tie-in (have a % of each sale go to them - opportunity for them to help out getting the word out). Local business parks (you'll deliver the flowers to them to bring home to their sweetie). Flowers sold by the side of the road (with nice signage - think Flower Drive-thru). One-Day promotions (with local banks or other members of your local Chamber of Commerce). Groupon. They sky's the limit - you just need to go to the people instead of waiting for them to come to you.
  • Posted by jeepzia on Author
    Thanks for the response, Jay. I appreciate the effort. You covered the basics very well. However, I really am looking for something fresh and inspiring.
    The forum moderator is asking me to move along with this question, so I'm just going to close it.

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