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How To Market A Video Production Business

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I run a retalively new vieo production company in Chicago (less than a year in business), and I don't know which way to go. Who can I market to and what is the best way to do it? Anyone has any expirience with this kind of business, any ideas? Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    First of all, I would start out with an internal analysis of your business to find out exact wht your niche and "brand" is.

    There is an excellent article here by Michael Fischler, founder and principal consultant of Markitek (

    It gives a free and absolutely fantastic way to pinpoint what you do best and if your current marketing techniques are "self-destructive", so to speak.

    Another good resource is

    As far as who to market to, the possibilities are alomst endless. Physicians, new businesses, churches, car dealers, film students, screenwriters, amatuer film makers, even the public at large for converting formats of home movies etc.

    It all depends on what you do best, what you enjoy doing, and how you stand out from other producers. By narrowing yourself down to a "specialty" ( or more ), you will not only find yourself enjoying what you do more than ever, but you will know more about who to target.

    Another good marketing resource:

    For some low-cost marketing ideas, shoot me an email at:

    Good Luck!

    I hope this helps you get a start!
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    We're entering our 2nd year in business and faced the same issues. We started out with a major liquor company as a client but we didn't want our income to be 100% dependent on this one client.

    We looked at the different aspects of video production - Event, Wedding, Corporate, Dramas, music videos etc. to see where we best fit in and what we wanted to specialize in.

    We decided to become a full production company specializing in events and music videos since we were working with a yearly music tour.

    We provide services from pre-production, production and post production.

    What can assist you in defining your business niche is your past work. What work have you already developed that you can showcase on a demo reel?

    Our demo reel has been our best marketing tool. we have it produced in VHS, DVD and I carry a Windows Media version on Pocket PC that I show to people who ask me what I do or want more info on us when we're working.

    Publications like DV, Videographer and Computer Videomaker was valuable in helping define my niche and are still valuable in helping me make sound business decisions.

    I have also gooten good advice from and

    I hope this helps, if you want to talk more drop me an e-mail (
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    We have a video production hosting site at if you have company videos you would like to host. The site is open to video production companies who have professional videos-no you tube type postings allowed.
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    these guys know what they are doing video production

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