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Topic: Social Media

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How Do You Use Linked In?

Posted by Nancy on 125 Points
I'm preparing for a short (20 min) presentation to entrepreneurs on the value of Linked In. I'd like to offer some practical examples of using LI as a marketing tool.

What is it that everyone should know about LI or do with their LI account? Do you have any cool tips for using Linked In that you could share?

Thanks in advance for your contributions. I really want people to walk away ready to enhance their LI profiles and maximize the potential of this medium.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    If you haven't already, read Jason Alba's "I'm on LinkedIn--Now What???" (
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Member
    I have been offered a promotion of $50 in free advertising on LinkedIn, which I couldn't think of a way to use. I see LinkedIn as a niche, mostly of employees and consultants. If you are trying to hire someone, it is great as a resource. But for other stuff, maybe not so good.

    About the only way I have made use of it as an information source. If I am going to meet someone, I can search for them on LinkedIn and find out a bit about their background (where they worked, job titles, where they went to school, etc. Works in reverse - you can search on companies and see some people who work there. If you need to contact someone at a company, sometimes you can use this to find the name of the person. But as LinkedIn moves more things behind a pay barrier, you may start having to pay for access to this type of stuff.

    There are Groups on LinkedIn, where people can participate in conversations in order to become considered an expert in their field (much as how we are doing here by answering questions on MP). Should be good for consultants.
  • Posted by Ruth P. Stevens on Member
    One big issue LinkedIn users need to face is how they will respond to link requests. Some play it close to the chest, requiring that requestors prove their prior connection by writing in the target's email address. Others accept requests from anyone who asks.

    Me, I take a middle path, accepting link requests from anyone who is in my business category (marketing) and anyone who is linked with someone I know. I ignore people outside of my business, like real estate salespeople and aerobics instructors.

    But each user needs to decide what is right for him/her. I'd say the decision is based on what they are expecting to use the network for.

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    I use LinkedIn to connect with peers; to further exposure of my opinion in groups; to connect with
    long-lost colleagues; to ask questions and to spark discussion in peer groups, and to get introductions to new contacts.

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