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Need A Good Book About Marketing In Healthcare

Posted by y.vitnova on 125 Points
I would appreciate some recommendations on good books about marketing and management in healthcare industry. Preferably from the experts in this area.
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  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    Which sector of healthcare?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Good marketing books usually apply to all industries. Best if you not get hung-up on the specific industry. Instead challenge yourself to apply the marketing lessons to your situation. Besides, "healthcare" is a very broad sector. You might need to be more specific -- medical devices, hospital management, pharma, alternative medicine, OTC drugs, physicians' offices, ancillary services, home health care, etc., etc.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    You might want to attend this: (or view previous summit presentations)
  • Posted by y.vitnova on Author
    I am sorry, that I didn't specify it. I am interested in hospital management and marketing. And especially in developing countries.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    I suggest you contact and and ask them about their greatest challenges.
  • Posted by y.vitnova on Author
    Dear members,

    Thank you for your support and information. May be my question is too specific. I will try to find recommendations in more specialized forums.

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