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Name Of Self Directed Ira Book For Real Estate Inv

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Need a Title *AND* a Sub-Title for a 130 page handbook that will explain to investors how to convert their 401(k) or IRA into a self-directed IRA for the purposes of investing alongside qualified investors in real estate deals that they would never be able to get into on their own.

Book will contain schematics of how to invest in these deals so people can conceptualize how their money will move into and out of assets.

Target are Baby Boomers very nervous about the stock market and don't know how to invest in real estate per se, but want in on the deal.

Book's opening challenges conventional investment wisdom in the stock market:
"People looking for a safe alternative to the stock market who are looking to invest that capital into real estate deals. In a world where global economies are interconnected, any activity on the other side of the world will affect their stock and bond holdings, almost immediately.

Many common, everyday 401(k) investors now are waking up to the reality that they have absolutely no control over their investments. The high-fee mutual funds that they have in their portfolios have enriched only their Financial Advisor salesmen and saleswomen, as they have collected fees by just sitting on their assets.

Today, with increases in inflation, higher taxes, and historical low and even negative interest rates in some countries like Germany and Denmark, pensioners and retirees are getting robbed of their savings, a stealth tax that you won’t hear politicians talk about.

As a result, many people today are looking for more intimate money management. They are looking to invest in real assets with qualified real estate operators in deals close to them.

The want the type of intimacy of a true investment partnership that hasn’t been found in the conventional retail money management business in 40 years. Let’s use Martha Stewart as an example. When Martha Stewart was convicted of insider trading in 2004, many individual mom and pop retail investors lost a lot of money. Housewives who were passionate of her Marth Stewart Omnimedia brand had loaded up on the shares. Within 2 days, the stock had tanked 20%. Those investors who could relate to Martha Stewart couldn’t access her. If were a big institutional investor and you owned 1 million shares of the stock, perhaps you had Martha’s cell phone to try to call her and ask her why her stock was plummeting. If you weren’t a big institutional investor, you just realized you had no control. Martha didn’t care about you. And she never would.

The value today a local real estate operator-investor brings to you is the ability for you to have more control over your investments. Give you control. That control comes in the form owning hard assets, being able to kick it and see it. The investment that is secured by real estate that is insured against damage. Being able to invest alongside qualified and experienced real estate operator-investors that have a direct alignment of interests with you. If you’re not making money, neither are they; quite the opposite of today’s mutual fund Financial Advisors.

This book serves will provide you institutional grade, fool-proof methods for investing as little as $5,000 into a real estate deal using your own investment capital from a Self-Directed IRA account."
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  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Member
    Grab Your Retirement Money!
    (and swim with the sharks!)
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Real Smart 401(k)s: Take Control Of Your Retirement Funds
    Take Control of Your 401(k): Institutional-Grade Real Estate Investing Strategy
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Supercharge Your Retirement Fund
    Invest in Real Estate with a Self-Directed IRA
  • Posted by sb on Author
    Jay: how about "secrets" or something of the such?
  • Posted by sb on Author
    How to turn your 401(k) into a private bank? Something sexier.

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