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How Do I Spread The Word Of My New Book In The Usa

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
I am based in the United Kingdom and have a new book being published in a few days and I would like to get some exposure in the United States.

What is the best route?

It is a business book on Internet marketing and covers the essentials of getting a website that works for your business. The research I have done over the last five years has shown that most business owners are overcome by all the technology involved with the internet and are confused by the contradicting advice they receive.
Many business owners spend far too much money on technological tricks and gizmos but forget who the site is for and what they are trying to achieve. I have written the book to help those by removing the jargon and getting back to the basics.

If anyone can suggest or provide some advice for the US market I would be very appreciative.

Kind regards

Nigel T Packer
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Will your book be on US Amazon? Get reviewers to comment on it.

    Send review copies of your book to US magazines that target your demographic (with a personalized letter).
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    Thank you for your comment, it is in Amazon and a few other online book stores, my publisher has arranged that.

    I am not familiar with the US business magazine sector. Which have the largest circulation and which have relevant book review sections?


    Nigel T Packer
  • Posted on Accepted
    Agree with Elaine - you should work with a Book Publicity Firm. I know of a great firm with offices in US and UK and is very reasonable working with new authors. You can message me if interested in referral.

    If yu're looking for media contacts -look into Cision, Vocus or MedaAtlas. They are a bit pricey but will have the contacts you're seeking.
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    Thank you all for your comments I will take on board the information and contact you directly through your websites.

    Kind regards

  • Posted on Member
    Hi Nigel,

    The following might help.

    1) Get the book introduced in Management colleges - This is a perfect way to help young enterprenuers and also the spread is faster by way of word of mouth.

    2) Try and find out if there is an association of SME ( Small and Medium Enterprises) they will definately need your book

    Let me know if you need any assistance in India ( Mumbai )
    My email Id -

    All the best.


  • Posted by jeff on Member
    With over 46 million small businesses, not to mention the plethora of home based entrepreneurs, the market for easy to create websites in the US is huge.

    To start marketing your Internet Website book, break this universe into niches that would gain the most value from your title and are most likely to buy it; and pursue each with a publicity campaign tailored to that industry.

    Write several press releases (and cover letters), then before sending personalize the letter and some of the finer points in the press release to the specific magazine you are pitching and the market you are reaching.

    To discover all the market classifications you are searching for and the magazines that cover them, you can't beat the periodical directories found in most libraries (and online) of Cision - formerly Bacons, - and Oxbridge Communications (called MediaFinder online) - two of my favorites.

    In these easy to use directories you'll find names of magazines and the markets they serve, including editor's name and phone number, and address along with other pertinent data such as circulation, CPM, magazine editorial profiles of the audience, and even whether they accept press releases - or byline articles from outside authors.

    Directories are easy to use as all magazines are grouped together by market classification in the data reference section. So all motorcycle magazine are in one spot. The computer classification — one of the largest with over 600 publications, is broken into subclassifications - for easy and precise targeting of your marketing efforts including press releases.

    Call and send the release, photo and cover letter to each editor.

    For the best coverage and exposure in the maximum number of magazines and newspapers, follow the specific procedures and the nuances of getting media ink that I've written about extensively in the 85-page section on getting your press release into print in my book, How To Market A Product for Under $500.

    You can get my book FREE at some torrent sites, like 30,000 other people did (ugh) 8~( or read it on Google Books where I've posted the entire book 8~|, or actually buy it 8~) please (hey, I need the money) at bookstores or download from for twenty bucks. Best value in marketing or your money somewhat cheerfully refunded!

    Got that big PR budget handy? Send a book along with your press release and cover letter. It's expensive but editors will get to see, feel and maybe even read your book. If they like it, you have a good shot at getting ink.

    What? What… you don't have a big a PR budget? Sigh… most of my clients don't either. So include a post card in your press package telling editors they can send the card in to you for a complimentary copy. This way you don't send tons of books some editors won't want.

    If it's really important to get coverage in specific magazines or newspaper columns, send the top 10, 20 or 30 of those media outlets highly personalized packages (including personal letters) but also fill in the editors name and address on the return card (do it in blue ink or red pen so they notice it), and then place a live stamp on it. If they don't send it in, it'll drive them crazy trying to figure out what to do with a post card with a live stamp.

    If you have the budget, sending an actual book improves your credibility to the players at the very top of the food chain - like pretentious I mean prestigious magazine editors. If you have a really really big budget, call me 8~) and let's talk…

    Don't forget to include associations in your marketing plan (found in Gales 3-volume set, The Encyclopedia of Associations; or the ColumbiaHouse Directories of Associations.)

    One of the best plans - I feel anyhow - is to excerpt passages from your book and package them as articles, and send to magazines. This strategy works both online and offline. The article marketing landscape has certainly changed over the past few years, but is still alive and kicking, and a great way to create industry buzz if not flat-out sales. Hope this is helpful. Jeffrey Dobkin.

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