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Video Marketing Survey

Posted by ivy on 25 Points
We are updating our white paper The Essential Guide to Video Production & Video Marketing. Looking for marketing professionals to take our 3 question survey:

Respondents will have an opportunity to win a $10,000 video production to promote their brand/company.

Thanks in advance!
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Not sure if there's a question here ...
  • Posted by ivy on Author
    Looking for suggestions on how to get more responses? So far we've sent outbound emails to our contacts, posted on social media, run ads on social media, reached out to local marketing groups, etc. I've read up on survey panels but they seem costly?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Recruiting qualified respondents is part of the planning process for a market research project. There are companies that do this for a fee. My suggestion would be to call a market research professional and establish the specs for qualification, and then let them quote you a price. (If you don't plan to use their services beyond this, it's probably appropriate to pay them for their time and knowledge.)

    If the research itself is important, then recruiting an adequate number of qualified respondents shouldn't be cost prohibitive ... as long as the specs are not so narrow that target respondents are hard to find. If the research is not that important, then the base size (of respondents) probably doesn't matter much anyway.

    If you need a market research professional referral, contact me via email (in my profile).

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