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How To Write A Letter To Inform Staff Of A Pay Increase

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I want to pay rise for my staff but I don't know how to write a letter to inform my decision for my staff. Give me some samples.
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  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Member
    It's great to hear that you want to reward your staff.

    Try going to to learn about how to effectively use search engines. On a site like Google, you could try keywords like "business letter template."

    This is a forum about MARKETING.
  • Posted by Inbox_Interactive on Member
    Frankly, I think that this is one of those rare cases where *what* you say is far more important than how you say it.

    You could tell employees by writing a note in crayon on napkins, and they'd be just as happy. More money is more money!

    I think such a letter does not need to be too long. (And, if your business is of any size, you should probably check with a lawyer to make sure that you're not going to write anything that you regret down the road.)

    Just say that you value their contribution to the company, and that, while money is not the only or maybe even most important factor in keeping people happy, it sure does help. Say that the business has done well and that you believe in sharing the financial rewards with those who made it possible.

    Just say what you feel and think. Don't worry so much about dotting every I and crossing every T. As long as it comes from the heart, that's the most important thing.

    Good luck,


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