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How To Start A Marketing Career Entry Level

Posted by char36875 on 25 Points
Hello Everyone, I am interested in a career in Marketing. The top three areas are in Marketing Research, Digital and Social Media and Marketing Communication /Promption . I have had the opportunity to shadow people in that department at work. What is the best way to gain experience in marketing while still working full time.I have two years of sales experience plus and currently two months in tech support, and a degree thats totally unrelated to Marketing/Business. I wanted to know if going back to school to get an MBA in marketing ( i know big investment) will be a way to gain experience, try to get hands on experience at work, or apply for an internship?
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    It's going to be very difficult to start a Marketing career while you are holding down a full-time job -- maybe even impossible. If the ultimate goal is to have a fulfilling career in Marketing, you need to jump in the deep end, either by taking an entry level job as a marketing coordinator/assistant or getting that MBA.

    You could create some kind of self-study program and/or moonlight as a marketer/entrepreneur, but the chances of that actually working out as a career spark-plug are pretty remote. Painful as it is, you need to commit to the long-term goal and make the necessary short-term sacrifices to stay on track to achieving the goal.
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    Hello to everybody,

    Actually i had the same question. I'm almost the same case as char36875, full time job and stuff, but i have Fine Arts degree and as i read here and there should be kinda good thing. I would like to ask your opinion about Marketing Studies.
    I'm thinking to go for Marketing Bachelor, but the thing is, that i moved recently to Brno, Czech and as i check a little bit on Internet there is no University for Marketing. I thought then for some Online courses or an Online University, but since i had no idea of the field i found out that there is ''branches'' like digital marketing, social media marketing, marketing strategy and goes on. I would like your advise and i will appreciate if you suggest me something. I feel really lost with all this, it's very new to me. Also i would like to ask if any of you know if its worth the money and time for some Online course and how much that count on the job market.

    I appreciate your time and thank you in advance.
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    In the case of char36875, if the current company allows you to get hands on experience, go for it. That would be the easiest route in.

    I probably wouldn't do the MBA, but you can possibly take classes and get a certificate in marketing. A friend went through a program through the UC Berkeley extension program ( and it has done her well. Maybe some universities near you have similar programs? This could be a good addition to the hands on work you may get.

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