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Campaign And Roi Reporting Help

Posted by elisabeth.andrews on 250 Points
I would like to hire a consultant (affordable) to develop a report and template that will pull all campaign and ROI analytics together. I need assistance in determining what the most important KPIs should be and perhaps analyzing campaign results vs benchmarks. Does anyone have a consultant or agency they would recommend for this project?
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  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    Most important KPI is what the company is trying to achieve (normally increase in sales dollars, but sometimes can be increases in usage). Tracked as increase in sales dollars, increase in usage, license sold, etc. But these are almost impossible to track from marketing activities.

    Next most important would be actions that are likely to achieve the main goal. For one of my clients, we look at whether people download case studies, white papers, view webinars, sign up for email list, etc. The assumption that someone who does this is more likely to buy that someone who just see an ad or visits our web site. This info is a ;little easier to get, as people who do these actions get added to our CRM system, so we can track.

    Easiest info to get for online actions are views and clicks, but these are not that useful to the company. And hard to get for non-online activities, unless you use vanity URLs, campaign generated phone numbers, etc.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I do know the right person for the challenge you describe and can recommend her highly. Contact me offline using the information in my profile.
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