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Topic: Strategy

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Contest Best Practices For Qualify Entries PRO Member

Posted by c.belenky on 250 Points
I'm launching a campaign to give away a free gift card to anyone we market to (e-mail, social media, hard copy ads) if they sign up to get a free consultation from our sales team and talk with them on the phone. What best practices are there and what should I consider in terms of making sure I get qualified people rather just junk? How should I write the rules so there aren't loop holes? Do I have to put complete contest details and rules on all ads?

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    It depends on where you are located and what jurisdiction you are under. You probably ought to consult an attorney who is familiar with promotions and sales incentives.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Why not require a short intake form to sign up for the consultation?
  • Posted by anand on Accepted
    What does the gift card give me? Does it simply let me buy anything I need from a store like Amazon? Or does it help a targeted buyer get something that is unique to them? If it's the former, then I would say it's a bad idea. A coupon-mom is going to request consultation from you just to get a gift card from you and then waste your time on call (she never needed your consulting in the first place).

    Instead, if you are targeting spa owners, and are providing a free gift card for spa accessories, then it is a totally legit contest strategy.

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