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Topic: Strategy

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Not For Profit? Non Profit? Help!

Posted by shmily97 on 250 Points
I'm clueless. I need help figuring out what to "call" what I'm thinking I want to do. I'm admitting ahead of time that I'm niave and uninformed. I'm going to be entering a new field of art. I want a purpose (not just a hobby) I want to use (if I end up any good) my finished art pieces as a way to contribute to a cause (or causes) I want no profit (except maybe enough for supplies) but nearly all proceeds from sales to go to a cause. The "cause" may be a grouping of movements or diversity groups. What type of situation would this be. I realize I'm not giving too much info. I hope I've said enough. Thanks for any and all help

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    You would be best-served to communicate with a legal professional, as your decision has IRS repercussions.
  • Posted by shmily97 on Author
    Thank you I would do that I was just looking for a quick discussion about it. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks
  • Posted by chiron34 on Member
    Administrator, haven't you been a bit quick on the trigger here, in allocating the points. There are many time zones across the world, and many of us are quite busy, but we try and make time to help others here and there. When you close down a topic so quickly, you are not helping the applicant/poster.
  • Posted by shmily97 on Author
    I was the one who closed the question before it was even answered because I felt it was better answers elsewhere. I apologize. The admin was not at fault

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