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How To Improve Order Fill Rate?

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
In unorganized retail sector, there is no proper tracking about inventory and other data. Thus, low fill rate. I am working on how this can be improved. Please suggest me few questions to be asked to retailers to get more information and any other suggestion would be helpful
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  • Posted by saratogahiker on Accepted
    I suggest you try to educate them on the benefits to them for improving how they track their inventory. Primarily, if they don't know how many of each item they currently have, they won't know when they're about to run out, which could lead to unhappy customers if the store didn't reorder soon enough. Unhappy users,whose expectations aren't being met, will take their business elsewhere.

    If a store owner still won't improve, you can try to get them on some type of automatic reorder schedule.
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