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I am looking for a user friendly, economical telephone survey software platform that can be used for a lead generation project; something that will accommodate work from home telephone interviewers- numbering one to nine people. We will need basic measurements for our campaign and the ability to export into a simple CRM, leads scored high. A monthly pricing model is idea considering budget. I am also open to any DIY telephone survey software ideas, if it’s not too technical intensive. There are too many listed in Google to choose the best one for our needs. Additionally, the ones I looked at seemed to place emphasis on mobile online surveys. Any good suggestions would be a big help
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  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    I'm assuming this is making calls to residential telephone numbers. Is that correct, or are you calling business?

    Is this truly a survey, or you just trying to get around the "do not call" list?

    Regarding the survey, how much information are you collecting? Are you asking 15 or 20 questions trying to measure opinions and trends on a variety of issues using a statistically valid sample with statistical significance? Or are you really just asking one question, such as, "you need a new roof, windows, or siding?"

    If you are calling people at home, will you be using an autodialer?

    Personally, my focus has always been on business-to-business telephone calls. I don't know enough about what you're trying to do In order to give competent advice. So right now I'm just reading between the lines and guessing. I'm guessing that you don't really care about survey answers, only about generating leads. I'm guessing you want to do this on the cheap. if it were me, I would get a copy of ACT 2005, and print out lead on paper and mail them to the surveyors. I will have some sort of electronic means of transmitting "leads".

    But I'm guessing. I'd be happy to talk with you by phone if you like, to try to better understand what you're doing and offer some more targeted advice if you like. No charge. If you are interested, click on my profile, and send me an email.
  • Posted by jcarrington76 on Author
    Hi--we will be contacting other businesses. B2B telephone surveying. Our survey questions are about ten in length. They are more of a sample with statistical significance. And yes, we are trying to determine if the called prospect would be a good candidate for a qualified lead. The telephone interviewers will be remote.
  • Posted by telemoxie on Member
    Personally, I would use a centralized CRM to import your company information and print call lists and possibly call forms. I would do data input centrally. This will reduce software costs, reduce training time, provide an opportunity to supervise data input, and increase productivity of telephone interviewers.

    Designing and implementing a multiuser multisite CRM system is a major investment of time and money. In my opinion, is not worth it for a short-term project. If your project goes well, and you Corporation makes a commitment for a longer-term project, you could consiider computerization down the road.
  • Posted by jcarrington76 on Author
    I will drop you an email so that I can go into more detail about your response.

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