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Anyone Remember Analogue Computers?

Posted by steven.alker on 250 Points
Over the last year, I have built a new company based on a memory of a 1978 analogue computer called the Simutron. It optimises companies for profits or minimizes costs. will shortly have both a digital and analogue interface to a powerful Simplex Optimisation Engine.

In the meanwhile, I found some old analogue hulks belonging to the same company. To my surprise, I got one, a 1970 model, working yesterday and the 6x6 matrix of variables and constraints all work as do all the lights. meters and object funtion.

Does anyone over 60 remember these types of computers and how (and if, a big if) do you perform linear programming optimisations these days?

Simplex Method? Interior Point method? Boundary Method? Differentiation / Integration of an LP matrix?


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  • Posted by steven.alker on Author
    AS there are no takers for this, I will close the question and try again under a different topic with an easier question!
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Suggestion: Step back and deal with the benefit for your target audience, not the features or mechanics of how it works.
  • Posted by steven.alker on Author
    Thanks Michael. I guess that I was asking "How it is used today" when the answer is that outside the FTSE in the UK, it isn't. I had reached the same conclusion but I I wondered what a global audience would think. I guess that the answer if the same.

    I now need to concentrate on explaining the benefits, not the maths! They won't understand that in any case, but, "Hi, I can show you how to make £2 Million more in profits without sacking anyone" is likely to get me shown the door or invited not to phone back, so I need to work on the message and its delivery..

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