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Topic: Strategy

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Cold Calling Strategy For New Campaign

Posted by juancgarcia8807 on 250 Points
Thank you so much for your time, I am the Sales Coordinator for a company based out of New Jersey, and we are launching a new campaign which will involve sales. My question is what kind of cold calling strategy can I set up for a team of about 4-5 agents. Initially we have about 800 leads that were provided to us by the owners of the company, these leads range from Directors, CEO's, to Marketing Directors. I just want to get an idea if I should follow the typical 10 calls per hour, since we have a good amount of leads right now, we want to make sure not to burn them out without calling an adequate amount of times. Anything you could provide me with would be of tremendous help!

Juan C Garcia
Sales Coordinator

  • Posted by telemoxie on Member
    Thanks very much for your question. I'm curious, when you say you have 800 leads, what exactly do you mean? Does that mean you have 800 names and phone numbers of people (or companies) in your target market? Or does that mean these are people who have expressed specific interest in your company?

    If you can provide more information, such as your industry or offering, or maybe provide a link to your website, we can be more specific in our responses. Take care.
  • Posted by Mike Steffes on Accepted
    Depends on how/if they've been qualified toward whatever it is you are selling. And where any particular one of them is one their journey through your sales funnel. These appear to be higher level people who may have keen interest or no interest in your pitches. Predicting the time spent on any one of them is impossible, they'll take as much time as they need to get the answers they require (try to rush them and they'll probably go away on you). Yes, you will be able to calculate an average engagement time after the fact, but that is not available to you now.
  • Posted by juancgarcia8807 on Author
    Thank you so much for your response telemoxie, and yes right now we actually have 800 leads with phone numbers, emails, and restaurant addresses and names. We actually are working with a new online ordering platform company, our main purpose is to be able to contact these leads that have restaurants with or without online platforms and be able to talk to them about letting us be their exclusive online ordering platform. We already have a lot of restaurants that we are currently working with and we are just trying to figure out what the best strategy would be to contact these leads without burning through them. We are gonna have two Sales Associates start with us in a couple of weeks and right now we have an idea of providing them with 50 leads every two weeks and just going down the list of the 50 list until we get contact and have a metric system set up so we know which ones are being contacted, sold, or not interested. Thank you again for your input.
  • Posted by juancgarcia8807 on Author
    Mike Steffes thanks so much for your input. You are correct, these are higher up leads who peaked interest during the investment portion of the company. The company provided these leads to us and since the sales deparment is brand new we are just figuring out the best approach to having a system set up without burning through these leads too fast. We have an idea of providing 50 leads to 2 different agents and having them follow a specific system of going down the list until contact has been made.
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    If this were my project, in addition to my primary focus of trying to reach these companies and people on your list, I would also have a secondary, low-pressure approach to "end-users", the potential customers of these stores.

    I would ask people the question, "is there a restaurant you would really like to be able to order online from?". This way, if someone mentions they would like to be able to order online from XYZ restaurant, you can go to the management with this information in hand. And, you might be able to get some general feedback on why people order online, what kind of people order online, and what are people looking for in an online system. Good luck.
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    Are you saying every lead has been vetted? Do you know they have "asked" for your info?
    Are you talking about an ordering system that was introduced by Food Junky?

    Very curious.
  • Posted by kerenblau1 on Accepted
    Many people that cold calling is frustrating and hard. But following simple and best sales strategies will make it easy and help you achieve your business objectives. Regardless of your purpose of calling, it’s your duty to make people feel warm.
    From my experience, these three simple strategies will help you achieve effective cold calling.

    Smile and Dial

    Hold a smile 20-30 seconds before making a call. Studies have proven that wearing a genuine or fake smile brings enormous benefits that help reluctant cold callers. It reduces stress and lowers your heart rate. It affects the way you speak. When customers hear your smile, it gives them a good feeling and they get interested in what you say.

    Speak one or two sentences at a time

    This is one of the most effective but overlooked cold calling strategy. Studies say that our brains can hang onto 20-30 seconds on a piece of information at a time. It suggests that your prospect will only retain 30 seconds of a 15-minute conversation. So keep your sentences short and sweet. Speak clearly and include high-level explanations.

    Don’t Use a selling tone first time

    On your first call, instead of selling, try to focus on providing information. Focus on fostering a genial and friendly relationship with your customers.
  • Posted by Shelley Ryan on Moderator
    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

    Thanks for participating!


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