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Posted by farawlah76 on 25 Points
I am going to prepare a Market research survey to understand or to gain some customer insights about specific products , most probably it is Pharmaceuticals products and it is mainly cosmetics products - two products - .
developing the questions which is going to be used in the survey is very critical to me and I really have not enough experience to do it.
The Target Consumers who I need to gain or to know there insights are ( Female - Not married - Age between 20 to 40 - any nationality - and working female ).
The survey will be done by me and I will go by myself and meet them and ask them the questions which is available in the survey .

some friends told me that , in order to get the questions correct , I have to do it on this website ( survey monkey ).

My question is , is that true ? in case of not , can anyone really guide me , from where can I got a trust able source / expert who can design the questions which is going to be used in the survey which I am going to do it by my self ?
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    The technology that you use for the survey isn't that important.
    The questions that you ask are indeed vitally important. If the questions are poorly formed, with implicit biases, and/or to the wrong target audience, you'll likely get answers that won't help your business decisions. This is something that should be carefully considered with the assistance of a research professional.
  • Posted by farawlah76 on Author
    Ok, I understand , but from where can i got this assistance of a research professional.

    can you guide me

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