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How To Locate Amazon Data

Posted by craig.valentine on 250 Points
I am looking to identify the top selling powdered drink mixes in the U.S. along with the demographics and channels of the purchaser. Can anyone help?
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    The information you seek isn't as simple and straightforward as it seems. If it is critically important for your business you might want to hire a market research professional or go to a syndicated service like IRI.
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    Thank you both for your input. Hiring a research company is not currently feasible. From what I understand, all of the demographic analytics are available to the businesses about their sales (customers). What I am obviously looking for is an overview of the entire business category. If anyone else knows how I might locate that it would be awesome. Thanks again!
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    Craig. The data you need is all over the place. I have tried before to get demographic metrics from Amazon for other brands and products but without success. They cite customer confidentiality, not wishing to give away data which indicate how successful of not big spenders have been on flogging brands there. I also think that it is to prevent ordinary punters from releasing what a rip-off Amazon can be some of the time. Up to 30% of your revenues for piss all marketing effort on their part.

    So, you will need to become a Sherlock Holmes and do some research yourself. Statistically, if you can pin down 7% of the marketing in a handful of reputable reports then you will have the answers you seek to about a 5-9% accuracy US-wide, assuming that the original reports were accurate to about 3% which they probably are not.

    The alternative is to read a few things, do no maths, do a few sums and guess. Just like the professionals do when they charge you $20,000 for a study!

    Here are a couple of starters covering the powdered drinks market in the US and elsewhere. You can work out most of what you are looking for from the first one, by doing some maths on the figures and extrapolating.

    For example:

    Flavoring Syrup and Concentrate Manufacturing Industry
    As of 2010, there were 151 companies in the U.S. soft drink industry that
    manufacture flavoring syrup concentrates, powdered concentrates, and
    related products for use in soda fountains or for manufacturing soft drinks.1
    Their products are sold primarily to soft drink producers and grocery

    This and 14 other references to your products give you enough information to get a more than 50% accurate answer to your question, but not from Amazon, but for the US as a whole. Amazon, not surprisingly reflects the US trends.

    You also need to look at market segmentation:

    To give you an idea of how close the industry keeps its figures to its chest, read this.
    (Just put that into Google)

    Report Price: £2466.89 | $3995.00 | €3133.71 if you want to read the entire report. Hint: Powdered drinks are up, water is flat and booze with mixers is growing. Tea is the big winner in powdered drinks with flavoured ones rising by up to 90%

    That's all for now and please forgive the UK English spelling and the upper-class accent. I just can't help it!!
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am closing this question since there hasn't been much recent activity.

    Thanks for participating!


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