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Marketing Penetration Plan For Lagos Universities

Posted by bcdefjz on 25 Points
we want suggestions on how to Develop a reliable market penetration plan for universities in & around Lagos Nigeria.we run an online store with lots of products ranging from home appliances,back to school items dinner ware etc.

What critiques can you provide that will help us penetrate, strongly communicate our brand, engage the students, and maintain a standard with the university community.

thank you

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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Based on your research with the community and universities, what have you learned about their needs, their perception of your brand, and social networks? What is it that you offer that is significantly different than items people can purchase elsewhere?
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    From my perspective, if you want to 'develop a reliable marketing plan', the first thing you must do is a serious analysis of your competition. You need to take into account your direct competition (other online stores) as well as your indirect competition (local supermarkets and small shops). Only then will you be able to pinpoint the advantages you can identify and promote for your business to attract customers.
  • Posted by bcdefjz on Author
    I quiet agree with you chiron34 that is a good one but do you think questionnaire will be another option to approach the student community to get a penetrable plans?

    thanks Jay Hamilton-Roth you just gave me another ideal to address another research.
  • Posted by chiron34 on Member
    The trouble with questionnaires in the context you refer, is that everyone will give you a 'pat on the back' and say go for it. The problem is how believable will the results be. It's easy for people to say, yes, we support you. It's another thing to get people to actually spend money with you.

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