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Suggestions - Public-facing Opps For My Boss

Posted by nrampey on 50 Points

I'm a marketing coordinator for a learning design consultancy for large corporations. We're having a book published in January and I'm looking for opportunities to get my boss's point of view out there and be public facing. I'm trying to find:
-business councils
-opportunities to have articles/blogs published
-podcasts to be a guest on
-other business publications, media, networking groups

Our expertise is in designing learning experiences while helping teams work in new, effective ways. I'm looking to get her into places that are business/work and future of work oriented. So far we have looked at Forbes Councils, Inc., Fast Company, etc.

Any suggestions on practical places where I can help get her out there would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Does your boss have examples of their presentation abilities online? If not, consider producing some short videos showcasing her skills. That will help people who book guests see their ability.

    As far as opportunities, think of your target audience for your company. Who specifically is likely interested in the book's content? Instead of having your boss guest-present, how about co-presenting with a CEO or two on a industry theme? These CEOs may have connections as well for presenting.

    Don't forget about presenting at industry conferences.
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    I would be approaching industry associations, employer associations & chambers of commerce &industry in your selected areas of operation. They may have programs in place where you can directly contact members (perhaps for payment of a fee). They may also have newsletters (print &/or digital) that you can publicise your material through.

    Your book publisher should also have avenues available to help publicise your book, make sure that you take advantage of them.

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