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Hello...after A Looooooong Time Away

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hi all,

Just wanted to post this to say hello to everyone. I joined this community sometime in the mid 2000s' and was fairly active for a little while. I remember there was a lot of orange everywhere but it's not totally orange anymore (LOL)... and 'Know-How Exchange' is no longer featured prominently on the main page (when did this happen)?

Not sure how i managed to disappear from this as I used to love reading the questions and trying to answer them, but i suppose life, work etc got the better of me.

It's great to see so many names that I still recognise, they were the top experts then and still are now! Wow! And some are now moderators! You guys rock!

Well, I'm back...hopefully will be able to contribute to the community...

Best to everyone,

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