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How To Reach Software Developers Etc For Blockchain?

Posted by donli on 50 Points

I've been working in the software industry for a long time and have been studying blockchain technology for several years, thus, I've gained considerable expertise in this space.

To help other software developer and college students interested in this nascent technology to get up to speed in such technology I've created such training materials. In the meantime, I've also published my writing on such technology at Medium. For instance,
the following is a piece I wrote that seems well received.
"Build a Blockchain PoC Application using Hyperledger Fabric",

Three questions,
(1) How can I reach more and more software developers and college students interested in this technology?
(2) How can I get more and more software developers and college students interested in this technology to read this article?
(3) Once they are interested how to make a sale?
I can set different prices for customers based on the economic condition of their country.

Many thanks in advance.
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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    1) Have you looked at Udemy (for example) to see how people are teaching these concepts? That's an obvious place that people seeking instruction would go. How does your expertise (is it proven?) compare?

    2) Have you tried to publish your article (or perhaps a follow-up to the article) on a peer-reviewed magazine, such as Blockchain Magazine? The more trusted people who value your knowledge will increase your social proof.

    3) Fees are based on perceived value. How much do prospective customers view the value of your work? How does your training stack up against the competition (see 1, above)? How do you know it's substantially better?
  • Posted by donli on Author

    Thank you for your thoughts. Please see my input below.

    1) Blockchain expertise
    Yes, it's proven because I've actually developed several PoC blockchain applications already otherwise I wouldn't have been able to write such an article on the subject matter.

    2) Blockchain Magazine
    Yeah, good idea, I was trying to figure out publication or media focusing blockchain technology as well, but barely find much.

    3) Good question.
    Some prospects informed me that Udemy and others are not good enough or not practical enough whereas my materials deliver practical knowledge, in the meantime, blockchain technology is complex, it requires other computer skills as well such as Unix/Linux/Ubuntu, containerization such as Docker and then web application programming etc.
  • Posted by donli on Author
    Thanks ( forgot to check the [Accept] box )
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    There are many, many innovation hubs worldwide that focus on helping startup projects, particularly in the high-tech area. They are easily found. Depending upon your personal situation, and from my personal knowledge of the way these innovation hubs work, many of these hubs would welcome the assistance of persons with relevant expertise in growth sectors. While the hubs prefer experts to donate their expertise, they do provide opportunities for the expert to tap into a revenue stream. Perhaps this is something for you to consider.

    You seem to think these questions you have raised are important. Yet you have only offered 50 points for the experts who contribute expertise here to share. My take on that is that you don't rate the advice you seek through this forum very highly. Am I right?
  • Posted by donli on Author

    Thank you for your awesome idea. Regarding points, I haven't used marketingprofs for a while, how can I give more points to parties who contribute to my query?

    Much appreciated.
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    I didn't mean to embarrass you, but in the future, it would be nice if the experts who take the trouble to help were given a more substantial pool of points to reward them. That is the only way that appreciation can be shown.
  • Posted by donli on Author
    could you share some effective way to identify and reach innovation hubs?

    Regarding more points, sure, will do in the future.


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